President Barack Obama on First Lady Michelle: “It’s Fun When You See Your Spouse Shine”

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For the past eight years, First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama have been the human embodiment of relationship goals.

They sing…


They dance…


They disagree…


They laugh…


They get their PDA on in the most adorable ways…

In one of their final White House interviews, the First Couple sat down with People to discuss many pressing matters, including how the job has affected their relationship. AND. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

“It’s definitely brought us closer together,” Michelle said of pair’s time in office, “It wasn’t until we moved to the White House that we were together seven days a week, that we could have dinner together … I always say, ‘Nobody knows what it’s like to wake up and look at the morning paper and know that every headline, good or bad, is your responsibility’ … When you feel that burden, you really have to fall back on the normalcy and the love of your family.” Are you sobbing yet? (Four more years!)

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The feeling’s mutual. “Watching Michelle as First Lady has just increased my awe and respect for her,” President Obama told People, “She had to adapt to a life that she might not have chosen for herself, but also there’s no blueprint for being first lady …And to see her and her team be, at once, really impactful on policy but also fun? You know, it’s fun when you see your spouse shine. And she’s shone.” Heck yeah, she has!

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